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Regular $79 and $99 a month. 

SUBSCRIBER & MEMBERS get included access to restricted areas of the website as welll as other invites.



It's FREE.  Just complete your name and email address below. That's all we need. 


You will get periodic updates, advance information, discounts and offers and access to private access pages on this website.






If you wish to join us as a fully paid member and get other benefits and goodies

as well as Philosopher and Warrior Membership - please complete the whole form below.


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When you join our International Membership you will also get occasional invites to

training activities (in countries where we run them) but you do not have to attend training regularly.  


There will also be future opportunities to join specific classes, courses, bootcamps and training.



Castle Knights: Membership with adventure training, fitness, seminars but without the martial arts training and grading


Battle Knights: Full Membership including Castle Knight as well as the martial arts and grading.

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