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Our thank you and recognition of Black Belts and Senior Members over the years


  • Si-Jo Gary Foo

  • Si-Fu Chris Foo

  • Si-Fu James Mulroney

  • Si-Fu Maria Smith

  • Si-Fu Virginia Foo

  • Si-Fu Jason Foo

  • Si-Fu April Mulroney

  • Si-Fu Nicki Noonan

  • Si-Fu Sean Oakley

  • Si-Fu Simon Fon

  • Si-Fu Tyler Williams

  • Si-Fu Trevor Yeh

  • Si-Fu Allison Ebbs

  • Si-Fu Richard Lee

  • Si-Fu Doug Ashton

  • Si-Je Laurie Carson

  • Si-Hing Pete Langlois

  • Si-Hing Craig Tourangeau

  • Si-Hing M. Dok. Stevens

  • Si-Hing Shaun MacLeod

  • Si-Je Kim Foo

  • Si-Fu Allan Behul

  • Si-Fu Louise Young

  • Si-Fu Ray Snart (RIP)

  • Si-Hing Mark Berry

  • Si-Je Katie Turner

  • Si-Fu Paul Giles

  • Si-Fu Noel Adams

  • Si-Hing Mike Mandel

  • Si-Hing Josh Foo

  • Si-Je Jessica Foo

  • Si-Hing Luke Barton


NB: Rank terminology is either "local Language" i.e., "Sir" "Mr"...when not sure or Chinese when a student of Philosopher & Warrior.


In general, the default term used for a Black Belt level Instructor is "Si-Fu." It means Teacher, like "father" or parent in Cantonese, Chinese.


In traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu - meaning "Hard Work") after a Kung Fu master has accepted someone as a student, the student calls her "Si-fu" from then on...and that title works for men or women. If two masters in different styles teach each other their style, it is normal that they both refer to each other as "Si-fu".


All people who train in the same system are related like a family, and in a large Fu family the following members may exist:


Si Fu – Teacher

To Dai – Student

Si Gong – Father, Sifu to your Sifu

Si Jo – Founder or Head of family, Sifu to your Si-Gong

Si Dai – Younger Brother, any male student who started after you did

Si Mui – Younger Sister, any female student who started after you did

Si Hing – Older Brother, any male student who started training before you did

Si Je – Older Sister, any female student who started training before you did

Si Suk – Uncle, Si Dai to your SifuSi Pak – Uncle, Si Hing to your Sifu


In a family the eldest son, number one son, is called "Dai Goh" or "Goh, Goh."

The siblings call him this and he often acts "parental" in their responsibility for the family.


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