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Adventure activities have always been a part of our training and experience.


Ever since Philosopher and Warrior started, we have participated in some indoor and outdoor more adventurous activities.


It not only plays to our use of our system of Martial Arts as a vehicle for Personal Development - but it helps with achievement, confidence, learning and pushing the comfort zone / boundaries.


Over the years we have participated in many many different such activities and some other, "less adventurous" but none the less - still exciting and useful - such as Archery competitions, or Sign Language / Foreign Languages or Medical Training.Adventure training might include but not be limited to the activities of Si-Jo's humanitarian Search and Rescue organisation or outdoor adventure - such as rappelling, rock climbing, swiftwater / white water rafting, wilderness survival or arctic survival, etc.


When you do something considered 'out of the norm' or adventurous ther sense of achievement and accomplishment lends itself to building your confidence and personal development goals not to mention fun and often memorable and team building!





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