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Diet and Nutrition


Food is essential to life. With Water you can only go days to weeks without it - before it comprises your health or even life.  


We think of food like medicine. It can make you strong and fit. What you 'intake' can also make you sick or ill.


And food can be so enjoyable. We socialise with food. We get our sustenance from food and drink. 


With so many foods out there containing absolutely low to no nutritional content, yet high caloric or chemical content which is  rubbish for you, we advocate the awareness and limiting or even avoiding these "foods" completely.


These days there are so many (fad) diets and unhealthy nonsustainable practices but there are also so many unhealthy processed foods, or way too many simple sugars, high in glucose/fructose, trans fats, MSG, excess salt, etc.


So we will help to educate and inspire when it comes to food choices and information.


We also offer training courses in diet and nutrition.


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