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Staged Combat


What is "Staged Combat / Stunt Fighting / Action Acting"?


The appearance of real physical conflict and the suspension of disbelief that people seem like they are fighting but it is staged and set up. Often in Motion Picture / Video / Movies / Theatre / Public Performance mediums.In this way they are able to appear to inflict pain and injury and people seem like they are hurt or injured, but by performing choreographed techniques and using tricks and illusion including the use of certain kit, equipment and props - that certain moves or actions are exaggerated and conflict appears real when it isn't.


Si-Jo and Loren Avedon in Tiger Claws  ->

This method has been used for decades and strong influence drawn from real conflict and sport but now developed into it's own specialist discipline as people specialise in this type of "Staged Combat." It has really grown into its own as films and movies developed and now with internet video being so accessible to almost anyone - so many people are learning Action Acting / Stunt Fighting.


WGMS is just a specific school of training and application and having taught and influences thousands over the years - it has developed it's own following.


This is a subset of the systems taught by "Philosopher and Warrior" through "Woo Gar Mo Sut" and appears in many schools, theatre groups, action acting and staged combat groups, etc.Founder, Si-Jo Gary Foo, has appeared in many movies, TV shows and commercials and also choreographed many stunt and fight scenes in North America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.


WGMS Staged Combat and Action Acting / Stunt Fighting:From falls to hits to punches and swords - the training follows several levels based on the original Woo Gar Mo Sut (WGMS) or "Philosopher and Warrior" system. It incorporates many aspects of the original combative system but creates a 'performance aspect' to make the action seem real, while being safe and using props, weapons, and equipment. Action Actors need to perform reactions and falls etc., and they are taught to do this as part of the syllabus. They may also need to carry a firearm for a movie or TV show so they can be taught that as part of their "specialised options."


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